Total Best 30JILI Card Games Genres in 2024

Playing cards is a game that is no longer strange to everyone. There are many types of 30JILI  card games , but the most popular is the 52-card Western card game. With these 52 cards, we will have many different ways to play that are very unique and interesting. In the following article, 30JILI will send you popular 30jili card game genres today. Let’s follow along to find the suitable 30jili card game genres for you through the following content.

Trends in the latest 52-card card game genres today

Trends in the latest 52-card card game genres today
Trends in the latest 52-card card game genres today

Western cards, also known as cards, a deck of cards will consist of 52 cards and divided into 4 suits: hearts, diamonds, diamonds, also known as clubs and spades. There are a total of 12 cards: A- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- J- Q- K. Western cards originate from the West and were brought to Vietnam by Westerners. . Through many years of development and accompanying Vietnamese people’s lives, Western songs have had many new variations. The ways to play are also becoming more diverse and more attractive.

Game of cards

Among the 30jili card game genres , Ta La card game, also known as phom, is loved by many people. Phom is a 30jili card game where each person has 9 cards, played with 2 to 4 people. The winner of the previous game will be dealt 10 cards, the remaining cards will be placed as a pile in the middle of the table.

The person who plays first will play a trash card. The next person who holds 2 or more cards that match that card will win. If the next person does not take that card, they pick another card and then play a trash card from their hand.

The next person will be able to choose whether to proceed with the meal or not. Just keep playing like that until you run out of cards. The winning card is when the player has no more trash cards in his hand, the cards in his hand will be arranged into phom. The person who does not own any set of phoms at the table will lose their cards.

Forward card game 

Total of the Best Card Game Genres of 2024 Chosen by Many Brothers
Total of the Best Card Game Genres of 2024 Chosen by Many Brothers

Referring to 30jili card game genres without mentioning Tien Tien cards is definitely a huge omission. Advancement in Vietnam is divided into two types: advancement to the North and advancement to the South . These two types will have some things in common as follows:

  • Order of suits: Hearts, diamonds, hearts, spades.
  • The smallest card is the 3 of spades and the largest is the 2 of hearts.
  • Players will have to have 2 to 4 people.

However, there will also be differences between card game genres. Game rules and regulations when playing cards will not be the same in each region.

Types of sacred 30jili card games

Types of sacred card games
Types of sacred card games

Beat Lieng is a game that requires every player to have a very strong mentality as well as know how to scare others. With this game, there is no limit to the number of players and the minimum is 2 people. The way to play is the same as the 3-card card game below, the only difference is the bet.

Three-card card game

Three-card cards depend largely on luck. With this type of card, the cards 10, J, Q, K count as 0 buttons and there is no limit to the number of participants. Whoever’s total number of 3-card buttons is greater is the winner, whoever has the lowest is the loser.

️BlackJack card game

In the card game BlackJack , a table will have two main roles: dealer and dealer. In a card game, there is no house limit, these are the people who participate and play for money from the house. Dealing BlackJack cards will be dealt counterclockwise. Deal two cards to each person, keep the remaining cards and place them face down in the community pile.

Reputable online card playing websites

After introducing everyone to the latest card game genres today, 30JILI wants to provide everyone with reputable online card gaming websites. Cards can be played both face-to-face and online. To play cards online, players can also play in free apps. However, these are just apps for people to play to avoid addiction, but if you want to play online for money, please contact the house.

In Vietnam, there are many reputable bookmakers, but you still need to research to know which one is right for you. When looking for a bookmaker to play, you must prioritize the following items to be completely confident and assured about the quality:

  • Fast and accurate deposit/withdrawal methods.
  • Beautiful interface, easy to see, convenient, easy to use.
  • No lag or player overload.
  • Caring and consulting staff are enthusiastic and agile

Some tips when playing 30jili card games

Different types of 30jili card games all have their own tricks and tips to win. Next, 30JILI will introduce some of the players’ records:

Prioritize games that are suitable for you

Choosing the right 30jili card game for your strengths will help you succeed more easily. Choose genres of online card playing that you have more experience with. Your psychology will also be more stable during the game so the possibility of winning will be very high.

Choose an effective gambling method

Choosing the right fighting method will help you defeat your opponent quickly. Quickly win for yourself to avoid a long, dreamy night. Hopefully through the above article, you have learned more about the types of casino card games and determined the appropriate playing method for yourself. Don’t forget to regularly visit 30JILI to update the latest experiences.